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Message from Doc : Live from the Bench

Current Song:
Title: W.A.S.P. - Sleeping (In the Fire)
Time: 7:15 am

Title: AWOLNATION - Sail
Time: 7:11 am

Title: Poodles - Number One
Time: 7:08 am

Title: The Outfield - Taken by Surprise
Time: 7:05 am

Title: Peter Hinwood - Rose Tint My World: Floor Show/Fanfare/Don't Dream It/Wild and Untamed
Time: 6:57 am

Title: Roxx Gang - No Easy Way Out
Time: 6:52 am

Title: Journey - Feeling That Way [*]
Time: 6:48 am

Title: Three Days Grace - I Am Machine
Time: 6:45 am

Title: Little Feat - Two Trains
Time: 6:42 am

Title: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Things Goin' On
Time: 6:37 am

Title: Cream - I Feel Free
Time: 6:34 am

Title: Bride - The Government
Time: 6:30 am

Title: AC/DC - Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
Time: 6:26 am

Time: 6:21 am

Title: Sinner - Black
Time: 6:18 am

Title: The Beatles - Drive My Car
Time: 6:15 am

Title: Bad English - So This Is Eden
Time: 6:10 am

Title: Rick Derringer - C'mon Let's Go
Time: 6:07 am

Title: Alice Cooper - Prologue / I Know Where You Li
Time: 6:03 am

Title: Arthur Alexander - Soldier of Love (Bonus Track)
Time: 6:01 am